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Immigration Policy Change Needed - Our Family's Story

This is a story of a Christian Refugee family, who has been fleeing persecution for 6 years now. Their story is real, and I am directly involved with them. I love each and everyone of them dearly. This is a campaign video for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but it is also a plea for help from him and/or anyone else who can assist us in our case. This is exactly why our immigration policy, specifically for people seeking asylum must change. I also call everyone who feels moved by this video to say a prayer for this family. They need them.

The Ichthys YouTube Series Trailer

This is a series documenting the lives of a family of refugees in Turkey who have fled Iran due to religious persecution. Please open your hearts and join them as they deal with day to day struggles with life in an environment, not many could bare.

As upcoming episodes are developed and uploaded, please share them and help get the word out. We, who live in modern societies, have no idea the hardships that other human beings have to live with.

Pray for them. They are our brothers and sisters.

The Ichthys | Season 1, Episode 1
Our Family

Please join us on this journey as we document the lives of a family of Christian Kurdish refugees who are currently living in the country of Turkey. We aim to show their struggles but also their hearts, as their love for one another and their love for others are never ending. We plan on illustrating why this family deserves the same opportunities that we all have here in the United States of America, and why they should be allowed to come. They are a part of the Bride of Christ, our brothers and sisters, and they are our family.

Please watch Zerya, Dylan, Sophie, Ethan, and Helen as they go about their everyday lives as refugees. We'll also navigate through the difficulties of starting a non-profit business in the United States as Nelson and myself jump those hurdles, trying to help fund our family.

The Ichthys | Season 1, Episode 2
How We Relate

How did we come to know our Christian Kurdish Family? What are some of the things they have decided to live without because of the current environment they are forced to live in?

What have we learned, as we've contacted various government agencies, searching for help to assist our family?

Join us as we continue telling the story of these very special people Zerya, Dylan, Sophie, Ethan, and Helen. Our brothers and sisters deserve better. They deserve no different than what you and I have. They dream of this everyday.

The Ichthys | Season 1, Episode 3
The Value of Human Life

Our Christian Kurdish Family is suffering and they are losing hope. They have no been split up, with some of our family on their way to deportation camps, where they will be processed back to Iran.

This was not an easy episode to make. It's filled with pain and anxiety, and the situation has become complicated.

Right now, the members I still have contact with, have no communication whatsoever with their separated loved ones. Ask yourself, what would you do in their shoes? If you were separated from the people who love you the most. Provide safety and security to you. Please keep them in your prayers.

The Ichthys | Christmas Update
12/26/2023 Our Prayers Answered

Our Christian Kurdish Family has received a massive miracle this Christmas. Their family members who had been detained for deportation back to Iran are now back safe at home.

Against all odds, our prayers were answered. This can be classified for nothing short of a Christmas Miracle!!

The Ichthys | Christmas Update
1/28/2024 What Happened Over Christmas

Our Christian Kurdish Family was put to the test over Christmas. We can report that our family is now all back together, but we are not sure of the future. Their situation deteriorates everyday. Please watch in support of this family, and know that their story is not an isolated story.

If you are a Christian refugee yourself, and would like your story to be heard, please join us on telegram at If you would like to just join us and learn of our King, please come. We are a family. You could be a part of that family.