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Family of Inna Nykytiuk

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The Nykytiuk Family

The Nykytiuk Family is a family of 11 and soon to be 12, as they have a little baby on the way. The family are members of the Pentecostal Church in Rivne Ukraine, and they have fled Ukraine due to the Russian Invasion of 2022, which continues to ravage their country.

The family is currently in Germany where they have temporary protective status, which is set to run out eventually. They seek to come to the United States under the U4U program, a program setup by the United States Government giving refuge to fleeing Ukrainians.

Their oldest daughter Sophia is 18 years old, and before the war had the opportunity to attend her first year of vocational school. Due to the war, she had not finished her studies. Sophia has taught herself how to play the guitar and spends her time playing Christian Hymns, which she does very well I am told.

Their oldest son, who is 17 years old, was studying to become a professional carpenter before the war.

The younger children, Timofey, Maria & Marko (Twins), Ruvym, Bohuslava, Jeremiah, and Sulamita are all obedient Christian children, whom their parents just want a future for them. A future which we as Americans take for granted everyday.

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